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San Marina Group


San Marina Group is a rapidly growing, multifaceted group that provides comprehensive solutions to companies across the Globe. Founded in 1986 by two brothers Theo & Nello Emanuel, the San Marina Group has been founded on sound business principles and time-honored commitment. With its headquarters located at Hyderabad, India, San Marina has offices and representatives in the London, Gaborone and in the UAE.

Mission Statement:

  • Our mission is to exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients by providing superior value through quality service, innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic alliances.

  • San Marina's corporate values are rooted in the awareness that what we do, impacts the lives of many people and will leave a legacy that will be visible for a very long time. Our challenge, then, is to make the decisions that reflect the attitudes and desires that earn the respect of both current and future generations.

  • It is the daily mission of San Marina to offer customer service solutions executed by enthusiastic, knowledgeable employees in a rewarding, high-growth environment. We employ the most talented, motivated people available and encourage them to apply their full potential in the pursuit of excellence. 

  • We are determined to infuse companies with the power they need to compete in the rapidly changing new economy. We help our clients discover their aims and hopes and help them to identify the best course of action to reach those goals. 

  • In all these things, we are determined to conduct our affairs honestly, fairly, forthrightly and ethically.

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