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Our Personnel


At San Marina, we make a conscious effort to create a pleasant, nurturing work environment, which provides all employees with opportunities for personal career growth. We encourage team building and cooperation between our various departments and work groups. 

Many factors dictate whether a company achieves its strategic goals. Success is generated by people who identify with the objectives and values of the company, who take the initiative & help bring each activity to its logical conclusion.

Our employees have been careful not to lose sight of the original formula: excellence, hard work and personalized service to meet our clients’ needs. It is this approach that has made possible the long lasting relationships that we’ve enjoyed with our clients. 

Our employees enjoy a business casual workplace in which fun, professionalism and team-spirit are the norm. We frown on politics and encourage team-building and camaraderie. We intend to attract people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Our office environment combines form with function: hi-tech equipment combined with a multi-cultural atmosphere makes San Marina a fun place to work. As soon as you walk through the doors of San Marina you will find the warmth of our team, the excitement of our business, and the fun that we have at work!


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