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Acme Mines and Minerals Pvt Ltd has the envious position of being the only totally integrated Silica sand mining and production facility in the whole of India. Set up in 1988, Acme not only mines silica, but also processes it into high quality resin coated sand. It has the biggest names in the Indian automobile and heavy industry as its prestigious clients. With supplies to leading automotive manufacturers like Daewoo, DCM Toyota, Suzuki, Telco and Ashok Leyland to mention a few, ambitious expansion plans are underway to meet the demands of this growing automotive sector.

Silica being the base for most of the products of the future, Acme Mines and Minerals has plans to use its resources to get into manufacturing of silica based products using cutting edge technology, to service the ever growing demand for these state of the art products which have a huge export potential.

Acme Mines and Minerals operates the largest silica mine in South India. High quality silica is mined for commercial use and converted into resin- coated sand, a product that finds extensive use in the automobile industry. The company is the only manufacturer of this product in South India.

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